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Sierra Grill Smokehouse has taken traditional Southern Style BBQ and given it a fresh touch. We take loving care in producing our fresh homemade foods, from our aged meat , to our fresh green salads and extraordinary made-from-scratch desserts. We pride ourselves on our food’s freshness and quality whether it’s dine in, take out, or catered.

2515 Grass Valley Highway Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823 – 7600

[[ We are just 3 miles North of Highway 80 – on Highway 49 – between Bell and Atwood ]]









Good food * Good service * Good friends

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  1. Virginia says:

    Great service by Jim, delicious food by the kitchen for our party of 9!

  2. Troy Villines says:

    Stopped by and had lunch. Love it! Wanted to know if I could buy and have you send me bottles of your Spicy Chipotle barbecue sauce? Loved it!

  3. Jocelyncoich says:

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  4. I posted an update last week on my blog- the beans are looking very good. I am envious of Kim and her large crop of squash- I can’t grow squash to save my life!

  5. You know who:) says:

    Does Cassie still work here??

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  8. Anonymous says:

    No service waited 20 min to get served rude hostes and server ,old time customer talked to manger
    and left they don”t need our business went some where else I don”t think I will return soon.

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